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2014 New Cars

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Thank you for your interest in the manufacturing program at Granite Falls High School. We are currently seeking partners to invest in our unique and focused Eco Car project — and in the future of manufacturing — as we aspire to facilitate careers in engineering, manufacturing and related disciplines.

What are we about? In the summer of 2009, Michael Werner, the class educator, brought together an
all-girls team (ShopGirls) and a co-ed team (UrbanAutos) to design, craft, and complete two competitive fuel efficient vehicles in a 7 month period to compete in the Shell Eco-marathon Americas (hosted in Houston, TX). Mr. Werner has experience with endurance race cars, antique airplane restoration and educating students in the manual arts.

Both of our teams have managed each aspect of this real-world project, designing and building their
individual cars to be as fuel efficient as possible. For the first two years, we arrived before the regular school day for an extra class at 6:30 AM and spent countless hours after school and on weekends. Our initial project won accolades (and prize money) in Houston, as did our new-and-improved vehicles in 2011.

Since the 2011 race, we’ve reorganized our program, changing the meeting time from six thirty in the
morning, to two-ten in the afternoon. However, our late starting time doesn’t have any effect on our spectacular work ethic, drive to succeed, and desire to teach the community about the future of fuel efficiency. Our successes and our failures over the past year have renewed our desire to return for the 2012 race with our best vehicles yet.

In 2012, both teams had success and defeat. The UrbanAutos received second place and $1,000 while the Shop-Girls won the safety award for the third year in a row, one of Shells highest ranking prizes.

In 2013, the UrbanAutos won $1,000 in their category with an astounding 244 miles per gallon.

In 2014, both teams raced with new cars. The UrbanAutos won 2nd place in their category along with $1,000. The ShopGirls also earned $2,000 for winning the 1st place Safety Award.

Upcoming Events

August 2nd: Show 'n' Shine, Granite Falls, WA

October 4th: Railroad Days Parade, Granite Falls, WA

April 9th-12th: Shell Eco-marathon Americas, Detroit, MI



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