The race is over, and the results are in! The IronMaiden did not do as well as we had hoped, but we learned a lot and we are already planning for next year.

Troubles at the race, including our chain falling off and last-minute revisions to the electrical system, kept us from completing more than one valid run. Unfortunately, that valid run was only Sara's second time on the track, and she was still getting comfortable with the bumps and turns. Because she didn't start using driving strategy until the sixth or seventh lap, the mileage score we received for the 2011 race was 378 MPG. However, we know that our car could have achieved better with more time on the track and improved driving techniques.

Despite the challenges we faced, the IronMaiden still received second place in the prototype diesel category, and our team won first place in safety! The team kept our pit organized, wore protective equipment at all times, and made an extra effort to design a vehicle that provided our driver with optimum safety. Shell safety inspectors were impressed by our precautions and granted us first place out of nearly seventy teams. We’re all very proud of this achievement, and are going to defend our title for next year.

The race was first, and foremost, a learning experience for all of us, and we would like to thank all of the people who helped to get us there. We couldn’t have done it without Mr. Werner, our volunteers, and our sponsors. Thank you so much for making Shell Eco-marathon 2011 an unforgettable trip.

P.S. Happy Earth Day!