Welcome to
Monte Cristo Elementary
Multiage 8-13 year olds
4th/5th/6th year Program 


Multiage Education where…

 “Childhood is a journey not a race”

Team Instructors: Debra Howell and Michael Schireman
Many things in our two multiage classrooms may seem very different from your memories of your own schooling. While much of our knowledge of how children think and learn has expanded in the past fifty years, any things have remained the same in our schools. As you observe here at Monte Cristo you will see children engaged in reading, writing, mathematics, science, art, problem solving, and social studies. However, the way learning and knowledge are presented may often look different.
In our setting you may at first be distracted by the movements and sounds of the many children around you. The children move around and talk more than you may be accustomed to: we’ve found that children learn best when they can move and talk about what they are experiencing, with each other and with the teachers. You will also notice that the teacher “directs” less than he/she facilitates learning by being a resource for the students. Self direction and organization are important goals and the students will be frequently to a set of directions or expectations, or to a peer, instead of being told what to do.
Our multiage program has strong parent ties through their direct involvement in their child’s education. Many volunteer on a regular basis while others help out on special projects or occasions. Regularly scheduled family gatherings such as potlucks, swimming parties, poetry readings, and whale watching trips help bring about family involvement.
While what happens in each class varies with the topic, the time of day, and students’ needs, here are some things we expect you’ll see during your visit:
        *whole group instruction
        *small group lessons
        *peer collaboration
        *class meetings
        *team teaching
        *independent work on projects or at learning stations
        *students exploring with manipulatives
        *teachers planning together
        *students using library and computer research sources
        *students moving independently from place to place and room to room
As you visit and observe, please note any questions you may have and feel free to direct these to an available teacher during your visit. Also, students enjoy sharing their thoughts with visitors and will be able to answer many of your questions.