Homework is a valuable part of the education process.  In the multi-age program the homework is designed with several purposes in mind. First and foremost it is designed to reinforce the learning that takes place in the classroom.  Second it is designed to teach responsibility and working to a deadline.   It the expectations of the teachers that homework will take between 20-30 minutes a night, of course some students will take longer, and some may finish faster.  As a parent don't count the time your child argues about doing the homework as the time spent on homework.   Students should pay attention to quality. This is their chance to dazzle us with what they have learned.  

     Tips of reading the Homework Calendar: 

The date the assignment is listed is the date the assignment is due in class. 

The calendar also may list due dates for book orders, poetry expectations and content areas studied for the month. 

 Each student is given two copies of the homework calendar.  One is kept in their binder and one is for at home on the fridge.  This is so that our wonderful parents and guardians will know what is going on.    

Students are required to complete ALL home work assignments a week.  This is a change from past years. Watch for assignments that are designated REQUIRED.

If you're absent you need to get the information about the homework you missed and you will have extra time to get caught up.  See you teacher for specific details.