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Welcome back to another year in Multiage 4-5-6!!

Posted by on October 12, 2011

Dear Multiage Families,                                                        7 September 2012


          Welcome to the 20th of our successful multiage 9-13 year old program at Monte Cristo Elementary!! We welcome all those who are just starting our program as well as those who are returning for their second and third year with us.

          Both of us are really looking forward to working together again in ourmultiage program. We have worked hard to plan the coming year’s activities.

 We would like to take the opportunity to remind you that with the multi-age program it is important that as a family you are making a commitment to a three-year program.  We rotate three years of content in science, social studies and reading.  If your child is only with us for two years your child may miss some of the content areas.  There is valid research showing that the longer a student remains with a quality teacher the student learning is higher. Due to the fact we are back to only two of us teaching multiage it will make for some changes in how we deliver grade level math.



Yes, Mr. Schireman and Mrs. Howell are brother and sister. As you can see, we definitely believe in the family environment being the best environment for learning! We have been teaming together for the past 13 years. Some of those years as a team of 3, some as a team of 4, and now back to a team of just the two of us. Please check our NEW WEBSITE: http://live.gfalls.wednet.edu/staffmce/multiage/ (no “www” in the address). This gives LOTS more info about the teachers and:

          *monthly homework calendar


          *information about multiage

          *handouts that are downloadable from in-class work





Upcoming Events to mark on your calendar!!!!!!


Parent Volunteer Informational Meeting

One training will be held this year on:

Tuesday the 11th of September 3:15pm


Come and find out how important it is for you to be a part of your child’s multiage experience in whatever way possible for you. This includes parents of new and experienced students, those who have past experience working in our classrooms, and those who do not. WE NEED TO STRESS that this meeting is a MUST for all those wishing to assist in the classrooms. WE NEED YOU IN ORDER TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL PROGRAM.


Monte Cristo Elementary Multiage Back to School Night,

Tuesday, Sept. 25th, 5:45pm (dinner) 6:30pm (meet with teachers)


The staff of MCE will be presenting important information about their programs this evening. We feel this is valuable for students of new as well as returning students.



We want to start the year by explaining some of our expectations for both you and your child. We believe very strongly that every student in our rooms has a right to learn and no other student will be allowed to prevent another student from learning. In order to carry this through we must have your support at home. We will use various ways to keep the communication between home and school open such as phone calls, letters, email, and newsletters.


We have school wide rules will be taught and explained fully to students the first two weeks of school.  A new school wide behavior program “Miner’s Pride will be implemented this year.  To earn Miner’s Pride and the privileges in Multiage students will need to complete all homework and classroom work on time, use manners appropriate for school and working with others, and follow the school behavior expectations inside and outside the classroom.


Homework:The September Homework Calendar will be sent home the first Friday of this month. We are starting in right away with our regular homework. This year we are expecting students to do EVERY DAY with NO SKIPS.  For new parents and students be patient. It will all come together. . . but it takes a few weeks for the new students to “get in the flow”. It will come together. Again, you can view these on the NEW WEB SITE: http://live.gfalls.wednet.edu/staffmce/multiage/


Notebooks:Each student needs to have a 3-ring binder with a set of dividers to keep necessary items. This notebook needs to be at school with the child each day and go home each evening to reference homework and other important information. The binder will include a school supplied planner. Again, we will be teaching the new children (and returning students!) how to be better organized using calendars, dividers for various subjects, and keeping necessary supplies (paper, pencils, etc) handy. Believe it or not they WILL become organized students!


If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at school 691-7718. No matter how silly the question may be it is NOT silly to us. Please ask.

We feel that together as a team this is going to be yet another fabulous multiage year yet!  Ready, set, here we go!



Your Multiage Team,


     Debra Howell                                   Mike Schireman                       

dhowell@gfalls.wednet.edu                   mschirem@gfalls.wednet.edu